What’s next on Luffy’s schedule

What’s next on Luffy’s schedule


Street Fighter professional competitions have been affected by the current pandemic, especially because versus fighting tournaments are not supposed to be played online. Still, a physical edition of the Capcom Cup was scheduled for February 2021.

However, the event has been cancelled and the 20 players will not battle against each other. Luffy managed to be one of the 19 qualified competitors, as the 20th spot was for the 2019 Capcom Cup winner.

Olivier “Luffy” Hay and the other professional players are, of course, eager to compete again, to take part in the next Capcom event and to crown a new Street Fighter V world champion. More precisely, Luffy was elected as “fan favourite”: fans elected him among the 2019 Capcom Cup participants and, notably thanks to the French community support, he won this contest and was awarded a spot in the tournament.

In the meantime, Luffy keeps training to be at his peak level when competition resumes. To do so, he will face Phenom, another player qualified for the Capcom Cup, in a showmatch held on February, 20th #GOWIN.