Welcome Bando!

Welcome Bando!

Team LoL

Brian “Bando” Ferrando joins GamersOrigin as our new toplaner. Bando, who comes from Switzerland, won the latest French national championship with Team LDLC. He is replacing Lennart “Smittyj” Warkus on the toplane.

GamersOrigin and Bando fought each other many times. During the last LFL split, of course, but also during the Occitanie Esport. Bando played the tournament with Unfazed esport and lost in final against GO. Bando contributed a lot to Unfazed performance. More recently, he was crowned Swiss national champion with Silent Gaming.

GamersOrigin staff and players welcomed me very well, the atmosphere is pleasant. They immediately explained to me what we will do during the next weeks. I was very impressed by what GO installed for its players to ensure they perform well.

I know that GO is a prestigious organization in France: I want to proudly serve this jersey and to prove myself in Europe. I am at 100% and ready to win more than ever. I was used to the first place with my former team, so I aim to do the same here and to show a new Bando both on social media and in-game.


Bando is in very good shape and ready to compete in LFL. GO, which won its last four LFL matches, has to perform well in the last 3 matches of the season to reach the playoffs #GOWIN.