Weekly Report 10/15/2018

Weekly Report 10/15/2018


This week main event was, of course, the Valenciennes Game Arena where GamersOrigin sent both its League of Legends and its Fortnite teams.

Concerning the League of Legends tournament, GamersOrigin competed with two lineup changes: Obsess, who is on loan from Misfits, in the jungle, and Sleeping at the toplane, Phaxi being injured.

We had a tough group, which included Bastille Legacy and Supremacy. We went through it with a 3-1 score, due to a loss against BTL. In the winner bracket Round of 16, we overcame Team Oplon, but we failed in the quarterfinal against Gentside.

Despite a victory against Vitality Academy in the loser bracket, our defeat against Gawedard kicked us out of the tournament, meaning that we concluded in the Top 8. GamersOrigin is still ranked 1st of the Open Tour while there is one more stage to go before the playoffs in Disneyland. It will be played online next week and hopefully, we will qualify ourselves for the event final at the Paris Games Week.

The Fortnite squad started its LAN with a first place in the seeding phase. Then, a Top 2 in our group qualified us for the playoffs, where we had to finish in the Top 8. That’s exactly what the team did, ending 8th of its group.
During the final, GamersOrigin killed 17 opponents and went Top 1 in the first game, finishing Top 6 overall.

The Dofus World Series regular season’s last match resulted in a loss for us against Omae, meaning that we will not make it to playoffs. The back-to-back world champions are eliminated. However, there is still a crucial match to play tonight against Millenium: the winner will remain in the DWS for the next season #GOWIN.