UNICEF and GO form a partnership

UNICEF and GO form a partnership


GamersOrigin is very proud today to announce its association with UNICEF France, and become UNICEF Game Chaingers Ambassador. We are very honored to wear UNICEF colors for the next big esport events to come and to add our contribution starting today to the many battles UNICEF is conducting all over the world to protect, educate and heal children in need.

A brand new jersey for GamersOrigin players

First step of this partnership, GamersOrigin will serve as UNICEF Game Chaingers Ambassador. Game Chaingers is a humanitarian project proposing a simple and innovative method to raise funds for the children of the Middle East, victims of war.

As an esport enthousiast, you are part of a community recognized as activist, united. Besides, your computer equipment performs better than average. You are the ideal donor for Game chaingers !

GamersOrigin is immensely honored to seal this partnership with UNICEF France with the aim of helping them empowering their humanitarian actions. The esport community already proved many times it could swing into action for good causes. GamersOrigin players, very committed to this action, will do their best to support the association.

– Guillaume, CEO


Game Chaingers, change the daily life of Syrian children thanks to cryptocurrencies

Gamechaingers offers a simple solution within everyone’s reach to raise funds for the children of Syria  in desperate need of an urgent and vital emergency help: transform graphic cards into humanitarian tools. It is not about making a donation, only about using the computing power of your device to collect units of a cryptocurrency, the Ethereum. This virtual currency is at the moment  the second most valued currency right after the famous Bitcoin – of which you probably have heard recently.

« Mining » currency?

Unlike for real currencies, banks do not serve as intermediary to validate transactions. These are validated by a computer network made of private individuals and professionals, called « miners », whose part of their computing power is allocated to network operations. In other words, « mining » here means exchanging computing power against a financial reward.

In concrete terms, taking part of the operation requires to download and install a mining software named Claymore. You may enable of disable it at any time. The software will automatically generate Ethereum directly on UNICEF France’s wallet, it is that simple!

Visit the official website to find details about Game Chaingers and follow the progress of the action. 


How to get involved?

Anyone owning a graphic card may be part of this operation. Claymore isn’t more resource-intensive than a recent game displayed with « ultra » graphics.

To join UNICEF France’s mining community, please visit the official webpage of the project, indicate your computer specifications, download Claymore and start the automatic fundraising (follow the different steps here).


40 days to join in

The fundraising ends March, 31. Let’s hope UNICEF France gets the biggest possible amount! At the time of writing, a few thousand donors have already gathered more than €3000 only by making their graphic cards available for Claymore!

GamersOrigin warmly invites you to be part of this humanitarian action for UNICEF France. Please spread the word about this!

It was important for us to make of the first partnership of the year a humanitarian action. As for every charity work we got involved in, we hope the whole GamersOrigin community will answer the call in meeting the huge humanitarian challenge of the dramatic situation endured by the children of the Middle East.