The season starts in Arlington

The season starts in Arlington

Team Hearthstone

Gallon will start his 2020 season on January 31st, in Arlington, Texas, for the first of the six Masters Tours of the year. As in 2019, each Masters Tour will award at least $250,000 and gather about 400 competitors, either invited or qualified.

Masters Tours are the most relevant events on the Hearthstone scene: they are the only way a player can reach the Grandmasters league and try to qualify for the world championship. Indeed, Gallon became a GM thanks to his run at Las Vegas, where he finished runner-up. He will still play in the American GM league in 2020, starting in April.

Arlington will be played only one week after the release of Galakrond’s Awakening, Hearthstone latest adventure, that adds 35 news cards to the game. Then, new decks might be used in Arlington and theory crafters may be rewarded for finding new optimal decklists.

After Arlington, Gallon will fly to Bali, Indonesia, in March, for the second Masters Tour of the year #GOWIN.