The PGW Report

The PGW Report


The Paris Games Week is over after five days of intense competition for all of the players, including GamersOrigin’s.

Our League of Legends line-up was taking part in two competitions during the exhibition: the final of the LoL Open Tour Parisian stage and the Solary Cup.

The last match of this last Open Tour event resulted in a 3-1 defeat for GamersOrigin against Vitality Academy. However, we are still the first of the ladder and qualified for the final at Disneyland Paris.

The 4 remaining days of the Paris Games Week were dedicated to the Solary Cup, with a direct qualification for the semifinal thanks to our first place in our group. Indeed, we beat Rog Esport and Solary during this group stage. Then, we faced Solary in the semifinal where we overcame them again, reaching the final against LDLC. Sadly, it’s a 3-1 victory for the Foxes. However, Tonerre was elected as the “1vs9” player of the tournament for the skills he has shown during the entire week.

The Trackmania World Championship conclusion was scheduled at this PGW after months of intense competition. Cap and Cocow didn’t make it to day 2, however, it is still a great achievement considering there were the 16 world best riders at the event. Pac struggled to reach the final and had to go through the lower bracket. He made his way to the last race and faced Kappa, CarlJR and Tween in a very tight match where everyone displayed his skills. Kappa, from Sampi, claimed the victory after two days when he demonstrated his actual talent. Pac is the 4th of the final after a last duel versus CarlJR lost for less than a second.

Trec did not manage to pass the ESWC Hearthstone group stage despite his success against Odemian: his two losses against Hypno did not let him a chance to qualify.

Thousands of miles away, in Orange County, California, Purple and Gallon were competing in an HCT official event. The traditional Swiss rounds-bracket format is now well-known by the players, and Gallon finished 30th among 110 contenders, earning 4 more HCT points. Concerning Purple, he was qualified for the bracket where he met his compatriot Monsanto. Unfortunately, the BO5 finished with a 3-2 success for the Team Genji’s representative. This Top 16 and this 30th place grant GamersOrigin 10 more points in the official Team Standings #GOWIN.

Pictures by grapyourpopcorn