The LoL team future

The LoL team future

Team LoL

After a successful year 2017 for the GamersOrigin League of Legends team, we are pleased and proud to announce that Rafael “Dinep” Nunes will be the team’s head coach for an extra year. He will benefit from an extensive field of competence: the recruitment of players will now be part of his duties. Dinep has worked in recent weeks to build a new line-up as competitive as possible. This line-up will evolve compared to 2017 with departures, like the one of Raphael “Targamas” Crabbé who will play in LCS with Giants but also with new arrivals. The announcements concerning the roster’s composition will take place at the beginning of January with some nice surprises in perspective.

Dinep will continue to provide all the team’s strategy, individual and collective trainings, analysis of the opponents’ game and the realization of the drafts during the matches in his coaching role. He agreed to give us a more global vision of his goals and philosophy for recruiting the 2018 line-up:

The main goal for the 2018 GamersOrigin line-up will be to progress quickly and for that we will work hard and smartly. Expectations for a team like GO are high, which is completely normal. We will do everything possible and even impossible to reach and surpass them.

I learned a lot with the Challenge France but I feel that things could have been done differently. The feeling I had after the defeat in the final is the kind of feeling that you do not want to ever have to live again. It was one of the biggest lessons, but ultimately an experience is an experience and it’s something that enriches us.

For the new line-up, we are looking for players with the same goals as those of GO, motivated players who want to work to progress and achieve beautiful things like we did in 2017. I can now assure you that in 2018 we will act differently in terms of work and professionalisation.

As I said in my tweet, 2017 has been a year of experiences, not just for me, but for everyone on the team. From the first weeks of training I understood that we had everything to succeed together. After 3rd place at ESWC Winter and just after the painful debut in Montpellier, we had a big discussion with the team about the level posted, which was largely related to a lack of discipline. We have approached the following parts in a new state of mind and the results have improved significantly. How were we able to reach this level? Through work, discipline, potential and humility. There have been times when some of these points were missing but our adaptation has led to rather good results; although at this level it is difficult to always win if you forget some of those principles. There is much to learn from this year, for good and bad, and what I’m sure is that we are entering this new year with much more experience and professionalism.

My job as a coach this year was mainly to help the players in the individual and collective game, make the drafts, establish a good mentality and put in place the necessary discipline to succeed, discipline which I draw especially from my experience as an athlete. For the new year I will do even more, recruiting new players and working not only on the game, but also on the mental, the planning, and a sports training.

Regarding the recruitment of players, I wanted to balance experience and potential for all players, for all positions. I wanted players who were willing to work hard and who knew that we would have to go through a reconstruction phase, which, if done right, would allow us to achieve good results.

Rafael ‘Dinep’ Nunes

The management of the team will be ensured by Lucas Legrand replacing Ryan “Shanky” Kheroua, which we thank him for this great year spent together. His role will be to take care of all the practical aspects of the players’ lives, in order to put them in the best possible conditions.

I am very happy and proud to be the new League of Legends manager. GamersOrigin is one of the largest eSports clubs in France! We have ambitions for 2018 and it starts in a few weeks with the Lyon eSport: we want to ensure our place of first French team.

My role as a manager is to ensure the best ecosystem for players to perform. This includes everything outside the game, such as logistics, good nutrition, sports activities and the respect of some rules of behaviour. I am at the same time the mother, the dad and the friend to whom one can confide. 2018 promises to be an exciting year #GOWIN!

Lucas Legrand

The year 2017 was extraordinary for the GamersOrigin teams and more particularly the League of Legends team. Dinep has been an incredible coach and truly invested with players and it is with great pleasure that we sign an extra year at his side!

The mercato is always the sign of departures and arrivals, and we really trust Dinep to give him the keys to this new line-up that should quickly be talked about. It’s always exciting to have new players join the big GamersOrigin family.

Our objectives for 2018 are quite clear, we want to keep ourselves in the top French but especially to position itself among the best in the pan-European tournament announced by Riot.

I also welcome Lucas who will, I am sure, take care of the players very well.

I wish to thank Shanky very much for this year 2017 which was strong in emotion, good luck to him in his new projects, we should meet quite soon in event!

Thanks also to Targamas who was a fabulous player and invested. We all support him enormously for his adventure in LCS which is the culmination of a dream for a player, GL HF!

2018 will be a very important year in terms of eSports at GamersOrigin and a lot of great announcements are coming.

Guillaume Merlini