The last stage before Kyiv

The last stage before Kyiv

Team SC2

The WCS Spring European qualifiers playoffs will be performed this Saturday and we already know the 8 last remaining competitors. Among them Reynor, who will face uThermal, the Terran from Team Liquid, in his quarterfinal.

The WCS Winter Europe title-holder is only one victory far from a spot in the top 4 and in the WCS Spring main event third group stage. This tournament will be held in Kiev and will gather the very best players outside South Korea. Moreover, the winner will be awarded a ticket for the World Championship. If Reynor wins against uThermal, he will directly be in the top 32 of the Ukrainian event.

If he advances to the semifinal, our Italien Zerg will meet the winner of the Serral vs souL game. Each victory will grant Reynor more WCS points, which are critical to qualify for the WCS Global Finals. The main goal is, of course, to enter directly the third group stage in Kiev, but a new great result from Reynor in a major European tournament would confirm his progression #GOWIN.

I am feeling better than ever at the moment. I have been practising so much, I feel like I have improved a lot lately, I hope I can take the win.

I am preparing for my first opponent but also for all the matchups, so I don’t really focus on one particular person too much so I will not be surprised by the other players.

Is winning the European qualifier more important than getting a qualification for the main event? I have no idea because I did not do the maths yet, but I am pretty sure winning it would be the best thing to do.