The GO drivers are going to bootcamp

The GO drivers are going to bootcamp

Team TM

GamersOrigin accomplished a perfect run in the 2019 ZeratoR Trackmania Cup qualification, considering our two drivers duos earned a spot in the final, which will be conducted in Strasbourg on June, 29th.

This edition came with a new rule: every driver had to compete alongside one teammate, in duo. 3 000 contenders entered the qualification, which only rewarded the top 8 duos.

Valérian “Papou” Ramamonjy and Tanguy “Cap” Renaud in the first team and Aurélien “Aurel” Bouard and Thomas “Pac” Cole in the second line-up both made it to the grand final. The fourth GamersOrigin competitors will have the opportunity to play in front of the audience on June, 29th.

I was expecting a lot from our two teams, even if qualifications are obviously not our final objective. However, we did feel pressure during this stage, especially during the round of 16.

I am pretty satisfied with our things went but nothing is perfect and we have some points to strengthen before Strasbourg. That is why we are going to a bootcamp one week prior to the event.

We are only focused on one goal: claiming the title. Everyone thinks the final will be between Solary and GO.Red, and it is probably what will happen. We have a couple of weeks to work hard in order to challenge CarlJr and Bren.

This bootcamp will help us working on the last details and to train on ZeratoR’s challenges, which will have a huge impact during the semifinal. You will be able to follow our whole week on Papou’s Twitch channel for his training and on mine for our team training.

We hope you will cheer for us in Strasbourg!

SoftyB, GamersOrigin’s Trackmania team manager
Last year ZeratoR’s Trackmania Cup

During the final, the drivers will face three challenges that will evaluate their coordination. In the first one, they will have to share their controller. In the second one, partners must switch places after each checkpoint. Eventually, one player will be blindfolded and guided by his teammate’s voice.

The final part of our drivers’ training is about to begin: they are heading to our office for an intensive bootcamp from June, 22th, to June, 28th #GOWIN.