The FNCS resume tomorrow!

The FNCS resume tomorrow!

Team Fortnite

The Fortnite Champion Series new season starts tomorrow after a few weeks break. There is a lot at stakes, as usual: Chapter 2 – Season 6 will grant $3,000,000 to the best teams, including $1,350,000 for Europe.

The competition’s format is quite the same as the one used last season, saved for minor updates. Only three semi-finals will be held instead of four while Reboot Round is expanded.

A new event, the FNCS All-Star Showdown, will begin just after the end of this season. FNCS All-Star Showdown will be held from June, 23rd, to June, 26th and will gather the top 15 trios from season 5 and the top 15 from season 6. Thus, the very best Fortnite players of each region will battle to crown the true regional champions.

Decyptos - Fortnite
Decyptos is ready for the FNCS new season!

GamersOrigin‘s Fortnite players are, of course, eager to enter this new season: Decyptos, Blax and Graye will do their best not only to reach the final but also to qualify for the All-Star Showdown. This tournament represents indeed the peak of Fortnite esport at the moment, especially because of the lack of physical international events.

Decyptos is quite confident thanks to his great recent results: he took part in several Cash Cup Extras and even claimed a top 2 during the last one. His teammates are ready too: Graye and Blax practised a lot in Cash Cup during the last weeks and are excited to fight once again for the FNCS crown #GOWIN.