The first Masters Tour is approaching

The first Masters Tour is approaching

Team Hearthstone

The first Masters Tour ever will be held from June 14th to June 16th in Las Vegas, Nevada. This new tournament type, the most prestigious besides the World championship, will gather three times a year hundreds of top-level players from all across the world. Two GamersOrigin competitors will compete in this event: Pierre “Trec” Breuil and Edward “Gallon” Goodwin. The French player grabbed his spot thanks to a victory in an open cup while the American was invited thanks to his 2018 performances.

The competition will be carried out at the LINQ Hotel with 12 Swiss rounds in specialist BO3. Then, the 8 contenders with the highest records will enter the playoffs. This event is crucial considering it will be under serious scrutiny by Blizzard in order to choose the next Hearthstone Grand Masters.

The two GamersOrigin representatives will try to pursue their winning streak: Trec just won the DreamHack Tours while the whole line-up achieved a Top 8 in the House Rivalries and a top 4 at the ESL French national championship.

The Las Vegas Masters Tour is a very big upcoming event for the GamersOrigin’s Hearthstone team. There will be a lot of other top players competing, and making a high finish is incredibly important for getting a spot in the Hearthstone Grand Masters league. It will also be the first big tournament using the new specialist format. It’s going to be a challenge to tackle the new meta, but I feel good about my chances.

I have had a great record so far on the Battleriff ProLeague with my initial ideas for specialist, and I have also helped successfully multiple grandmaster players to prepare for their league matches. I think if I keep up my preparation, I have a good shot at doing well at Vegas #GOWIN.