The EVO is approaching

The EVO is approaching


The EVO is the greatest versus fighting tournament, the most prestigious and the most challenging to win. The 2019 EVO will take place at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas, Nevada. The core event of the competitive season gathers the very best contenders in various games. Thanks to Olivier “Luffy” Hay and Kevin “Keev” Akre, GamersOrigin will enter both the Street Fighter V Arcane Edition and the Soulcalibur VI competitions.

The two French can reasonably expect to get to the podium or even to win the event. Keev is indeed the current EVO Japan champion and recently claimed the victory at the Birmingham VS Fighting. The Nightmare main will certainly struggle to seize another title, and competitors such as SonicFox or Linkorz can also expect to be crowned champion.

The EVO is now very close, and it will be a gigantic challenge to compete in the most stacked tournament of the year. As you may already know, the EVO is the most famous versus fighting tournaments, especially on Soulcalibur.

It will be my second time here, and I expect to be in my best shape to do my very best and to regret nothing. It will be a nice help to have the GO team (Luffy and Yann) on-site, in addition to all the French who will travel to the tournament.

I am very happy to go to the EVO and I can’t wait to enter this tournament again. I would like to thank GO for its support and I will do everything to proudly represent GamersOrigin and France.


Concerning Luffy, he is willing to lift another EVO trophy after the one he obtained in 2014. Moreover, the Americain tournament will award points for the Capcom Pro tour, the Street Fighter V professional circuit, making this tournament even more significant.

The EVO is a crucial moment for every versus fighting players because it’s here that you can become world champion. It’s a very long competition, lasting 3 entire days and if you want to win, you will have to play more than 20 matches. You have to deal with stress, tiredness and to stay focused. I finished 5th last year but this time I hope to do better and to bring it home #GOWIN!