Spot in the LFL finals: locked!

Spot in the LFL finals: locked!

Team LoL

GamersOrigin is already qualified for the LFL Summer split finals thanks to GO’s regular season’s first place, which is already locked even if 2 matches are to be played.

GamersOrigin leads the LFL thanks to its 10-2 record: the team dominated the French championship and eventually secured a spot in the split finals. GamersOrigin will have the opportunity to win another split finals in 2020 after the one obtained during the spring split. Thus, GO will compete in the season finals.

This tournament will gather the top 3 French teams of 2020 and the winner will be crowned French champion.

In the meantime, GamersOrigin will take part in the European Masters playoffs. We will face LDLC-OL in quarter-finals on Tuesday, September 15th #GOWIN.