Road to the Lyon Esport

Road to the Lyon Esport


The 12th Lyon Esport will be held in Lyon from February, 22nd, to February 24th. GamersOrigin will compete in both the League of Legends and the Fortnite competitions.

The GamersOrigin LoL team has already won the LES title (during the 2017 season) and achieved a third place in the tournament (in 2018). However, the French scene and especially the LFL is particularly stacked: organizations such as LDLC, VItality Bee, aAa and Misfits Premier are serious contenders.

The Lyon Esport also welcomes teams from outside the LFL and we might face again clubs like Oplon or BTL, which shall not be underestimated. Tonerre and his teammates will be forced to do their very best to claim a new trophy.

GamersOrigin is in the “Blitzcrank” group alongside with CERI’S FALCON, Spark Esport and LBTC. To move on to the double elimination pro bracket we must finish at the first position inside our group.

Moreover, we will face Solary the day after the end of the Lyon Esport for the beginning of the LFL second stage. The Lyon tournament will be the perfect occasion to begin a winning streak for this crucial second stage #GOWIN.

The Lyon Esport is also running a Fornite tournament in which we will compete.

Lenzh, JuleZ, Deadra and M11Z are expected to confirm their good shape in this duo event and to earn as much confidence as possible before going to Poland. M11Z and JuleZ are invited to the IEM Katowice and will represent GamersOrigin during this world-class tournament in March.

GamersOrigin recent results are very encouraging: we won both the Colmar Esport competition and the HF LAN and finished second at the DreamHack Sevilla. We are more ready than ever for the Lyon Esport #GOWIN.

I am excited to compete in the Lyon Esport and hopefully to win it. I am pretty confident as we trained well during the last month and a half in private matches and events. The duo I fear the most is probably Oslo and Hawkers from BTL.