Road to London for the Red Bull Kumite

Road to London for the Red Bull Kumite


Physical tournaments are back on Street Fighter thanks to the Red Bull Kumite! After a long break due to the COVID-19 crisis, players are eager to face one another for the first time in a while.

The Red Bull Kumite will not be held in Paris, as it used to be, but in London, at the Red Bull Gaming Sphere. 16 players will gather on May, 23rd, for their first physical competition in a long time.

Olivier “Luffy” Hay is one of the 15 competitors invited by Red Bull and he is glad to have the opportunity to battle against other figures of the Street Fighter scene.

I am very glad to be invited to the Red Bull Kumite new edition, which will take place in London. Entering an offline tournament more than a year after the last one will be a pleasure! We prepare ourselves so much for this kind of tournaments.

World-class players will, of course, be there: there will be high-level and enjoyable games to watch.

Moreover, the Capcom Cup will return in May 2022: the 2019 edition was cancelled but the official circuit is ready to resume. Luffy will have two opportunities to qualify for the world championship, in July and in December. Until then, his next objective is the Red Bull Kumite, in which some of the world best players will compete: a perfect shot to prepare for the upcoming events #GOWIN.