Reynor is the WCS Winter champion!

Reynor is the WCS Winter champion!

Team SC2

Riccardo “Reynor” Romiti has been crowned WCS EU Winter champion and has claimed his first major trophy ever thanks to his win 4-3 in final against Serral, the reigning world champion.

Reynor directly qualified for the final by finishing at the first place of the top 8 round robin. Facing an opponent who defeated two contestants to reach the final and gained confidence in the bracket did not prevent the young Italian from claiming the first two games. He produced Mutalisks quickly to ensure his aerial dominance and to harass Serral. However, the ENCE player eventually found a counter with a Nydus Worm allowing Roaches to destroy Reynor’s bases.

During the final game, Reynor dared to hide his evolution chamber to rush the melee attack buff. A boosted-zerglings herd ran into Serral’s base and claimed the victory in only 5:41.

The next WCS stage will begin on April 13th for Stephano, with the open qualifiers. Reynor is already qualified for the group stage, which starts on April 20th. The Italian Zerg is 3rd at the WCS leaderboard and closer than ever of a spot for the World championship #GOWIN.