WCS Summer champion!

WCS Summer champion!

Team SC2

Riccardo “Reynor “Romiti was the strongest Starcraft II pro yesterday in Kyiv, Ukraine. The Italien Zerg is the new WCS Summer champion thanks to his victory in the grand final 4-2 against Serral, the current world champion. This is a new major win against the Finish for Reynor, who already beat him during the WCS Winter Europe. He is now unquestionably one of the very best of the foreigner circuit.

Reynor entered the competition in the third group stage and easily secured the first place of his group, moving to the playoffs. Then, he defeated Nerchio, SpeCial, HeRoMaRinE and eventually Serral. The final BO7 against the ENCE representative started toughly for the GamersOrigin player, who was at 1-2 after the first 3 games. However, he scored 3 consecutive points and overcame Serral 4-2, claiming a new major trophy.

This title directly qualifies Reynor for the World Championship held on November, 1st and November, 2nd at the Blizzcon, in California. He will compete against the other qualified players, who are so far Serral, soO, Need, Maru and Dark.

Reynor’s objective of the year was to qualify for the most prestigious Starcraft II tournament. With that goal secured, Riccardo Romiti, who is ranked second at the WCS circuit ladder, will play several other competitions prior to the WCS Global final. The GamersOrigin player will indeed take part in the WCG Xi’an, in the Assembly Summer and in the WCS Fall #GOWIN.