Randstad partners with GO

Randstad partners with GO


GamersOrigin and the Randstad Group partner to assist amateur and professional players in the identification of their soft skills and to facilitate their access to the job market, both in the video game industry and in other sectors.

Professionalizing gaming jobs

GamersOrigin and Randstad, which is the world leader in consulting in human resources, are delighted to have entered this partnership. This collaboration is built around the core values shared by both entities, such as professionalism, involvement and team spirit.

This association will allow players to identify their key-competences and to valorise them in the job market.

This cooperation will also allow GamersOrigin to benefit from Randstad expertise while recruiting for jobs linked to the operation of an esport organization.

We are convinced that thanks to the partnership between GamersOrigin and Randstad, more will be known about gaming jobs and it will grant players a better knowledge of their career perspectives. GamersOrigin will proudly represent Randstad and its values during GO next competitions in France and abroad #GOWIN.

Sofyan Chikhaoui, Head of sales and marketing at GamersOrigin

Identify gamers key competences

Since 2017, Randstad has been involved in esport in order to develop professional opportunities in this growing sector, to valorise skills and gaming jobs and to build career paths.

Playing regularly to video games helps you becoming more rigorous, boosts your leadership and your reflexes, develops your strategic mind etc. All these soft skills are looked for by hiring managers. To identify players competences, Randstad developed a quizz available to everybody: Jobcraft.

By building bridges between video games and job market, Randstad helps players, professional or amateur, to identify their skills based on their playstyle and to transform a passion into a job.

Ana Maria Olcina, Head of Marketing at Groupe Randstad France