Prozis partners with GO

Prozis partners with GO


GamersOrigin new training facilities opened recently and it grants all the club players everything needed to perform well: training room to practice on video games, an osteopath, a nutritionist and also a sports room dedicated to bodybuilding and cardio. Physical training is important for all GamersOrigin professional players, who can take a break from their game by doing some sport.

GamersOrigin is glad to welcome Prozis as its new official partner. Prozis follows GamersOrigin players’ training and lifestyle and, thanks to a coach, provides them with advice and guidance.

Prozis products are dedicated to physical shape: the brand offers sports nutrition, healthy food and sports clothing for instance. You can use the promo code GOWIN on Prozis to obtain a 10% discount on all your purchases.

Sport is a core element of GamersOrigin strategy, materialized by the training room and the nutrition program. GamersOrigin is delighted to enter this partnership with Prozis to ensure the quality of this central piece of the players’ training #GOWIN.