Riccardo Romiti
Starcraft II

Reynor is considered as a true genius of the game and he is playing at the highest level despite his young age. He also defeated the whole French team on his own during the Nation Wars.

Reynor achievements

September 2019WardiTV Lenovo Legion Invitational 2
July 2019WCS Summer
April 2019Rifkin's Back Tournament
April 2019WCS Winter EU
March 2019Lenovo Legion
December 2018Sleigh Them All
December 2018WardiTV Christmas Invitational 3
October 2018WardiTV Summer Championship
October 2018My Sweet Sixteen Party
September 2018WHCompare Invitational
September 2018WardiTV Summer Championship: Europe
August 2018EU Ladder Heroes Monthly August 2018
April 2018BTSL S1: Europe
April 2018Masters Cup 111
December 2017WardiTV Christmas Invitational 2
December 2017GG of the Year 2017
September 2017StarCraft 2: Powered
December 2016Level Up Roma
April 2016Torino Comics 2016

November 2019HomeStory Cup XX
November 20192019 WCS Global Finals
September 2019WCS Fall
August 2019WCS Fall - European Qualifier
July 2019Bonjwa Fight Night Club
July 2019World Cyber Games 2019
June 20192019 WCS Summer: Europe Qualifier
October 2018BTSL S2: Cross Finals
September 2018WCS Montreal
May 2018PeopleImages Starcraft League 2

October 2019DFY Star League Season 1
July 2019WardiTV Team Liquid Map Contest
May 2019WardiTV European League
May 20192019 WCS Spring

May 20192019 WCS Spring Europe Qualifier



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