Olivier Hay
Street fighter V

Luffy is without a doubt one of the very best versus fighting players. His most famous accomplishment is, of course, his victory at the 2014 EVO, but he has achieved several other world-class performances too. Since his arrival at GamersOrigin, he took part in one World Cup and shined in many major tournaments around the globe.

Luffy achievements

March 2020Quarantine Fighter
August 2019Start To Play
April 2019Brussels Challenge Major Edition 3v3
September 2018CPT EU Regional Open @ EGX 2018
April 2018Brussels Challenge: Major Edition 2018
June 2017CPT2017 Online Event: Europe One
April 2017Hypespotting 6
September 2016Celtic Throwdown 2016
June 2016Armor Break #5: Road to EVO

August 2021CPT 2021 Online Event: France/Spain/Portugal 1
October 2019First Attack 2019
May 20192019 Headstomper
August 2018Fight Club NRW #9
June 2018Headstomper 2018
March 2018Gamers Assembly 2018
September 2017Celtic Throwdown 2017
August 2017VSFighting 2017
February 2017Cannes Winter Clash 2017
April 2016Hypespotting V
October 2014Fighting Games Challenge 2016
August 2014VSFighting 4

May 2021Red Bull Kumite
July 2019CPT 2019 Online Event: EU West
June 2019Reflect Expo
October 2018CPT EU Regional Finals @ EGX 2018
September 2018Ultimate Fighting Arena 2018
August 2018Celtic Throwdown 2018
September 2017Street Grand Battle 2017
March 2017Fighters Underground at SXSW 2017
July 2016Sonic Boom 2016 - Summer
December 2014Capcom Cup 2014
November 2014DreamHack Winter 2014

August 2021EVO Online
December 2019Capcom Cup
October 2019Ultimate Fighting Arena
October 2019CPT Asia Regional Open
September 2019CPT Celtic Throwdown
July 2019Sonic Boom
November 2018Red Bull Kumite 2018
August 2018Evolution Championship Series 2018



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