Kevin Akre
Soul Calibur VI

Keev is undoubtedly one of the best Soulcalibur competitors. He has won 3 major tournaments, including the 2019 EVO Japan.

Keev achievements

July 2019VSFighting 2019
April 2019Brussels Challenge Major Edition
February 2019EVO Japan
January 2019Bruxelles Challenge
December 2018Fight For Humanity
September 2018The MixUp
September 2015Edge Master Serie
January 2015ROF Winter session
January 2014ROF Winter session
August 2013Cross X fighter 9
August 2013Cross X fighter 8
July 2013DeusMentes
July 2013Cross X fighter 7
June 2013Cross X fighter 5
June 2012Get rich Or Die
February 2012World game cup 2012
March 2011Bushido impact
March 2009TauntFest
June 2007Japanstrike 2007
March 2007Japan strike
April 2006Game In Paris 2
February 2006Nantes event 2006

June 2019SoulCalibur VI : ROAD TO EVO 2019
May 2019DreamHack Tours
January 2016ROF WINTER 2016
July 2013Cross X fighter 6
August 2011No Man's Land Tournament #2
February 2011World Game Cup 2K11
September 2009Gnouz Ranking Battle 5
March 2006Gnouzcalibur Contest II
February 2006Battle For Turc Island Supremacy

October 2019Ultimate Fighting Arena
June 2016ROF SUMMER 2016
August 2012Major league Gaming
April 2012Don King tournament
February 2010World Game Cup 2010
December 2009Rendu Bushido Impact
May 2009Gnouz Resurrection
February 2009Game in Chelles 2009
August 2008Bushido Impact
November 2006G.A.M.E IN PARIS 3

November 2019Soul Calibur VI Invitational Finals



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