Dániel “Bluerzor” Subicz


Dániel Subicz

A true star in Hungary, Bluerzor is a jungler with an aggressive gameplay. A fan of Nidalee, of which he’s one of the best European players, he doesn’t hesitate to harass the opponent on his own side, combining efficiency and spectacular gameplay. He’s back at GamersOrigin after playing for several Spanish organizations and for Vitality Bee.

Bluerzor achievements

October 20202020 LFL Summer Split
April 2020LFL 2020 - Spring Split
June 2019Occitanie esport
March 2019LVP SLO 2019 Spring Regular Season
November 2018Open Tour France 2018
October 2018Solary Cup
October 2018Open Tour - Étape Capitale
November 2017IGS Lausanne 2017
November 2017Underdogs Summer 2017
July 2017ESL French Championship Summer 2017
May 2017Geek Days Lille 2017
May 2017Underdogs Spring 2017
April 2017Gamers Assembly 2017
March 2017Lyon Esport #10
February 2017Montpellier Esport Show

October 2020LFL 2020
November 2019Underdogs 2019
December 2017Challenge France Winter 2017
July 2017ESWC Summer 2017

July 2020Underdogs
March 2020Lyon Esport
April 2019European Masters
March 2019LVP SLO 2019 Spring Playoffs
September 2018ESWC Metz 2018
February 2017Challenge France Spring 2017
February 2017ESWC Winter 2017

September 2020EUM Masters Summer 2020
May 2020European masters Spring 2020



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