Occitanie esport preview

Occitanie esport preview

Team LoL

Occitanie esport will be held this weekend in Montpellier as an official LoL Open Tour event, granting leaderboard points for the best teams.

GamersOrigin’s main opponents are Vitality Academy, LDLC, Millenium and of course Gentside, which won the DreamHack Tours and is first at the leaderboard at the moment.

GO neither won the first edition of the European Masters – Top 4 – nor DreamHack Tours – Top 3. Our main goal is now to claim Occitanie esport trophy and take back the LoL Open Tour first place, in order to qualify for the European Masters, season 2.

New tournaments for the French race for this Autumn were announced: Metz, Valenciennes and Marseille. But in the meantime, everyone is focused on Montpellier #GOWIN.