Last tournament prior to the GM

Last tournament prior to the GM

Team Hearthstone

Gallon’s first appearance as a Grandmaster will be at the Seoul Masters Tour, from August, 16th to August, 18th. The runner-up of the Las Vegas major carries high expectations in South Korea, where he will display his new status for the very first time.

Gallon qualified for both Seoul and Bucharest thanks to his performance in Las Vegas and he is already insured to be part of the next Grandmasters season: he will bear his new status while trying to achieve the same performance than in Las Vegas.

This competition will allow Edward Goodwin to face high-level opponents just before the Grandmasters season kick-off. The GM league is crucial because it is the only way to qualify for the World championship. Gallon will also try the Saviors of Uldum cards for the first time in a competition: the expansion was released on August, 6th and Seoul will be the perfect place to optimize his decks before the start of the Grandmasters League.

Seoul is going to be a very interesting tournament for Hearthstone because it will be like no other tournament before. For one, it is only the second large tournament to be in the Specialist format, the first being Las Vegas. However, while Las Vegas happened during a pretty settled metagame, Seoul will be happening right after the release of a new expansion of cards. Deck choice is one of the biggest things that matter in Specialist, so Seoul will reward the players that can figure out most refined decklists within the few days from when the expansion launches to when the tournament happens. I have figured out a lot of decks that I don’t think will be a good choice, but I still have more work to do in determining what the best choices will be. 

Along with this, my 2nd place finish at Las Vegas, along with Dog deciding to drop out of the Grandmasters League, means that I have been inducted into season 2 of Grandmasters! I am very excited that I can represent GamersOrigin as a Grandmaster for the tournaments in Seoul and Bucharest, along with the games being played in the League. Who knows, maybe I will perform incredibly well in season 2 and qualify for Worlds! All of these tournaments and games will be difficult, but that hasn’t stopped me before. I will try my hardest to do well, and am looking forward to all of it #GOWIN!