How GO made it to the EM

How GO made it to the EM

Team LoL

GamersOrigin was undoubtedly the best French League of Legends team during 2017 with several trophies and a permanent step-up for the group, which led us to have huge ambitions.

Season ended with a Challenge France Projet final against Millenium in December. We were really confident with our victories in both IGS Lausanne and Underdogs in November and we were the favorites.

The game finished on a 3-1 defeat for us with a terrible disappointment as we didn’t take this opportunity to qualify for the European Masters.

It led to changes and a new start for the roster. Shemek leaved for Vitality Academy, Bluerzor moved to Movistar Riders and Targamas played his first LCS split with Giants. The lineup was rebuilt around Tonerre and Toaster with TynX, Phaxi and Pulsas joining us.

We also changed the management with Shanky and Dinep being replaced by Lucas Legrand and Brokenshard. Ram “Brokenshard” Djemal came for the ESL Montpellier qualifier and since then the team is showing an impressive progression.

The main goal has always been to reach the European stage and to go as far as possible in this new competition. Losing the Challenge France final slowed us but didn’t stop GO.

The team played really well and wanted to use LoL Open Tour to secure a #1 French spot. However, it didn’t begin as we expected as we lost the final of Lyon Esport qualifier.

LES was another disillusion: Gentside beat us and we didn’t make it through the final, ending with a top 3.

GamersOrigin managed to find it way back to victory with 3 first places in 3 tournaments since then. Indeed, we took the first seed of Gamers Assembly and of ESL Montpellier after two successes against Vitality Academy. We won GA 3 to 0 against LDLC, resulting in a tie in LoL Open Tour points. This situation made us play a tiebreaker against the Foxes and we defeated them 2-1.

Questioning ourselves and remaining determined to reach the summit allowed us to seat again at the top of the domestic stage and to enter into the EM. Competition is starting on April 14th and GO will do everything to add another trophy to its collection #GOWIN.