Heading towards the end of the LFL split

Heading towards the end of the LFL split

Team LoL

Only a few games are remaining in the Ligue Française de League of Legends (LFL) spring split: the 10 competing organisations are battling against one another one last time to conclude the regular season. Considering how close teams are in the current leaderboard, remaining games will be crucial for playoffs qualifications, and eventually for European Masters accession.

GamersOrigin is currently 6th on the French league leaderboard, with six wins and five losses in eleven games. GO players are still in the race for playoffs: each victory against a better-ranked team will be a decisive step toward qualification.

The remaining LFL matches promise to be intense as the league global level is very homogeneous: teams are still very close on the leaderboard and everything is still conceivable. Each week can reverse the ranking and some surprises will definitely show up. Teams are improving a lot and games become more and more unpredictable.

GamersOrigin is facing the nine other LFL members one last time during the upcoming weeks, notably LDLC-OL (on Wednesday) and Karmine Corp (on Thursday).

Our LFL’s debut was very promising. To me, the team has a huge potential and we are working on unveiling it. Of course, I am not entirely satisfied with our results (6th with 6 wins and 5 losses). We did not yet take enough wins against the other favourites, mainly because of a lack of incisiveness and because of incorrect analysis before teamfigths. We have already analyzed what we need to improve and we are working on it with great results.

Now, our priority is to rejoin the top 5 to secure a spot in the playoffs. If we do so, everything will be possible and the goal will be, of course, to reach the first place and earn a shot in the EUM.

The LFL has never been so stacked: we are heading toward the 6th week, including the superweek. 11 games have been played and two teams are tied for first place and 3 are tied for second place. This season is particularly challenging and we can win it all. Despite the league’s very high level, we have the potential to claim first place and we will do everything to do so #GOWIN.

Glopo, GamersOrigin head coach