Greats results for GO at the Gamers Assembly

Greats results for GO at the Gamers Assembly

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The 2021 Gamers Assembly was held this weekend and GamersOrigin took part in both the Fortnite and League of Legends tournaments. GamersOrigin players did quite well: Graye finished 5th in the Fortnite competition while the LFL team reached the LoL competition grand final.

Graye accomplished a great performance this week-end

Graye and its trio managed to grab the 5th place in the Fortnite competition. They earned €300 for their results. They played particularly well in the very last game, finishing first with four kills. It’s a great performance for the GO players, who recently told us about his expectations for the 2021 season. Blax managed to reach the grand final too and finished 27th.

The League of Legends main team was reinforced by Veignorem for this event. The GO Academy suppport perfectly fit in the LFL team: GO won all its group stage matches and even reached the grand final without dropping a map. Unfortunately, our players lost to IziDream in the very last match, finishing 2nd in the event. They earned €3,000 and achieved a great result before the next LFL split.

The Academy team overcame all its opponents during the group stage, just as its sister team. However, even if JDG and his teammates won their first match of playoff against Gameward Academy, they failed to Solary Academy and were eliminated two rounds later. GO Academy played its two last matches in the Division 2 first split right after and is ranked 4th in the championship #GOWIN.