GO’s 2021 League of Legends rosters

GO’s 2021 League of Legends rosters

Team LoL

GamersOrigin is glad to unveil its League of Legends teams for the upcoming season. Ten players will proudly represent GO in the Ligue française de League of Legends (LFL) and the Division 2.

These teams have been assembled by Frédéric “Glopo” Sialelli, who joined GamersOrigin last year to help the Academy team to improve its results. Glopo managed to win seven consecutive matches with the Division 2 team before joining the LFL team staff as an assistant coach. Glopo continues its journey alongside GamersOrigin by becoming the LFL team head coach.

In 2020, GamersOrigin won two back-to-back split finals (both Spring and Summer splits) in the French League and the club is eager to battle for the French champion title one more season. To do so, GO is thrilled to welcome Mauno “Beansu” Tälli (toplane), Thomas “Kirei” Yuen (jungler), Tristan “Pak” Bourquelot (midlane), Nihat “Innaxe” Aliev (ADC) and Risto “Nukes” Luuri (support).

The LFL splits and final will still be major objectives for the 2021 season, so as the European Masters (EUM). GamersOrigin reached the EUM top 8 twice last year and is particularly attached to this competition. Thus, qualifying for the European masters will not be easy as the LFL is one of the European Regional Leagues with the highest-level teams.

The LFL team will be helped in its quest to EUM by the Division 2 line-up. The five academy players will work closely in association with the main team: the synergy between the two rosters is the core of GamersOrigin’s project for 2021. Thus, Glopo actively took part in the Division 2 players’ selection.

The goal of the Academy team is to offer to promising players a professional environment to help them reach the highest level of play. More experienced players will also guide them in their progression. GamersOrigin players for the upcoming Division 2 season will be Manuel “JDG” Soares (toplane), Yann “Yaya” Binjamin (jungle), Alexis “Melon” Barrachin (midlane), Jérémie “RIFT” Luthy (ADC) and Dai-Vinh “Veignorem” Lussiez (support). They will be coached by Aymerick “Hairost” Sergeant and managed by Irwin “Eternity” Chaumette.

The season kick-off will be on January, 19th, with the return of the LFL #GOWIN.