GO has partenered with G-Science

GO has partenered with G-Science


GamersOrigin is delighted to unveil its collaboration with G-Science, which helped the club during the LFL spring split playoffs and throughout the European Masters. G-Science provided GamersOrigin with advice and guidelines in terms of nutrition, sports training and psychology. G-Science used sport science tools to help esport players improve their in-game performances. Mental coaching, physical training and data analytics are at the core of the G-Science method.

The G-Science team worked in GamersOrigin office with the League of Legends players: their in-game statistics and health were monitored daily and used to adapt and personalize the training offered to each of them thanks to Optimal, an athlete monitoring system. Thanks to this personalized work, our players were able to better understand how they could improve their gameplay and their lifestyle to be in better shape in the Rift and in their life.

I was really glad to have had G-Science on board to help me with my workouts and for helping me with mental preparation.


It has been amazing to have been able to support the team throughout this process and we’re delighted to officially announce the performance partnership during the European Masters. This will be an increasingly stressful time for the players with several games being played over a short period against formidable opponents. As such, the goal of the partnership will be to ensure that the players are physically and mentally prepared for whatever is thrown at them and provide them with the gold standard of sport science support.

Jamie Kiff, Co-Founder of G-Science

You can learn more about G-Science by visiting their website.