GO claimed a new trophy

GO claimed a new trophy

Team LoL

This week was a perfect one for the GamersOrigin professional League of Legends team supported by Les Produits Laitiers and Société Générale, which won its LFL matches against aAa and Rog and grasped another title at the Occitanie esport.

The LAN settled in Montpellier started well for us, with a streak of six victories. We only fall to Unfazed in the winner bracket final, forcing us to beat MCES, the other LFL team in the tournament, to reach the grand final.

Thanks to Bluerozr‘s impressive Lee Sin skills, we overcame MCES 2-0 and faced Unfazed once again, in the last BO3 of the competition.

Bando, the Swiss toplaner who used to play for Team LDLC, demonstrated his abilities with picks such as Camille or Kled all the weekend long. With his teammates of Unfazed, he tied the final series at 1-1 and forced us to enter a decisive third game. This match was incredibly tensed and uncertain for a long time, even though we managed to destroy the enemy Nexus.

Our Swedish bot lane was a core part of our success in the Occitanie esport. HustlinBeast, with Alistar and Nautilus especially, and XDSMILEY, mainly on Xayah and Sivir, led our team to the final victory.

The next goal of the GamersOrigin League of Legends team is to qualify for the LFL playoffs. We will play against Misfits Premier and Solary in this week matches #GOWIN.