Our new 2018 LoL roster

Our new 2018 LoL roster

Team LoL

2017 was a wonderful year for our League of Legends roster. Our plan is to make 2018 an even more exciting year. With the aim of shaping the most competitive team, we have been rebuilding a strong, promising and efficient line-up around two strong individualities: Tonerre and Toster, with the help of the head coach Dinep. They led together tryouts during several weeks in order to find new teammates able to shine with our jersey at the top of the French and European scenes.

Today, we are delighted to unveil our new players for the next season:

  •  Ambrož “Phaxi” Hren, Top
  •  Kristian “TynX” Hansen, Jungler
  •  Scott “Tonerre” Menard, Mid and Captain
  •  Augustas “Toaster” Ruplys, ADC
  •  Aurimas “Pulsas” Morozovas, Support
  •  Rafael “Dinep” Nunes, Coach

You might know those new players: Phaxi played in LCS with Roccat during the 2017 season. He owns several challenger accounts and will play at the toplane for GamersOrigin. His huge experience will be useful for a team that aims to be the best in Europe. TynX and Pulsas are two young players with great potential who strongly desire to demonstrate their capabilities.

I chose this group of players because it gives us a mix of experience and potential. During the tryouts and individual talks they showed me we are in a similar mindset: we need hard, smart work and discipline in order to succeed.


As Dinep said in our latest post, players will focus during the next trainings on state of mind, individual strengths and weaknesses. This training is fundamental to be well prepared for Lyon Esport 2018, from February 16 to February 18, and for the next Riot European tournament. We would like to thank Shemek, Bluerzor and Targamas for the wonderful time we had with them, and we wish them success for their future.

Also, we thank our sponsor Klim for his determinant support. #GOWIN

I joined GamersOrigin because it is an excellent organization which already achieved great results. My main goal is to continue to step-up and to dominate the French scene with GO.


GamersOrigin is a good opportunity to discover the French scene. I wish we go as far as possible and I hope GamersOrigin will bring me the experience I need to do so.


I joined GamersOrigin because it is a great organization with an excellent roster which can definitely beat top tier teams. For now, my main goal is to win Lyon Esport !