GamersOrigin enters SoulCalibur VI

GamersOrigin enters SoulCalibur VI


GamersOrigin is reinforcing its Versus Fighting squad with the arrival of the professional SoulCalibur VI player Kevin “Keev” Akre.

Keev is one of the very best SoulCalibur competitors. With his main character Nightmare, he just won the prestigious EVO Japan and the Brussels Challenge. He is also the double winner of the Major League Gaming.

Keev is the second recruit of GO Versus Fighting team, which already includes Olivier “Luffy” Hay. They will soon travel to Lyon to compete in the Mixup. Then, Keev will move to Tours to enter the DreamHack.

It’s a tremendous pleasure to join GamersOrigin, an organisation know for its skilled players and its team spirit. The club is believing in my potential and in versus fighting by investing in the SoulCalibur IV scene. I am thankful to GO for its trust and its interest in my favourite game. It is the beginning of a new adventure and I hope it will be the more impressive and epic possible #GOWIN.