Gallon joins the Grandmasters league

Gallon joins the Grandmasters league

Team Hearthstone

Edward “Gallon” Goodwin joined GamersOrigin in March 2018. At the time, he was a promising American Hearthstone player, who was used to shine in the HCT circuit: he achieved a top 4 at the HCT Toronto just before joining GO, and then became the third member of the roster alongside Purple and Trec.

Gallon got a second top 4 in a major event at the HCT Montreal in September 2018. His training with the very best American competitors started to bear fruit as he qualified for the World Electronic Sports Games.

The Masters system replaced the HCT circuit during the 2019 season: 3 major events are now the core tournaments of the competitive scene. Gallon accomplished an outstanding performance during the very first of these events, the Las Vegas Masters Tour. Indeed, the GamersOrigin player reached the tournament Grand final, achieving his career-best result.

Accomplishing such finishes can be particularly rewarding in the Hearthstone esport new format. To join the Grandmasters League, the Hearthstone elite division, players must prove themselves in major events. Thanks to his records, Gallon will take part in the next American Grandmasters season.

It’s very important for the GO line-up to have a Grandmaster, considering how much exposure it grants. It also helps us to stay focused, because there are not that many things to do besides the open cups.

As a coach and a manager, I was very happy for Gallon because I know how involved he is, and he perfectly represents what a GM is for me: someone who is always at 100% instead of just waiting for Tour stops.

He cares a lot about playing the game well and he deeply wants to prove himself.


In the Grandmasters league, he will perform two matches a week within his group and he has to finish in the top 3 of his group to enter regional playoffs. Each region winner will be awarded a spot for the World Championship, held at the Blizzcon. Gallon will play his first match in the GM league in August #GOWIN.