DreamHack Summer Preview

DreamHack Summer Preview

Team Hearthstone

Who will be the next DreamHack Summer champion ? GamersOrigin is going to Sweden with a strong will of showing its abilities during this major event.

The French organization is used to success in Sweden, with two victories and two Tops 4, from Purple, Mitsuhide and Un33d, twice.

GO is sending Purple and Chinoize to compete in this tournament : they are two members of the trio which represents GamersOrigin in Blizzard HCT team standings. It will award special prizes to the best teams after this season.

Purple and Chinoize are going to try to earn as much points as possible for individual and team rankings. Meanwhile Den will coach them and take part in the competition too.

DreamHack will be held from June 16th to June 19th in JönKöping and will grant 191 HCT points and $15.000

I feel good about this DreamHack, I have 3 very good decks and one which is ok. There will be new decks and it leads to a “rock-paper-scissors” meta.

As it is in King of the Hill, I brought decks with favourable match-ups, not too one-sided in order to be able to play against players from very different level.