Decyptos is the new European vice-champion

Decyptos is the new European vice-champion

Team Fortnite

Our latest Fortnite recruit, Thomas “Decyptos” Cottu, finished runner-up of the biggest tournament of this summer, the Fortnite Champion Series – Chapter 2 – Season 3 (FNCS).

Decyptos’ run in the FNCS started with his qualification, which occurred in the second qualifier. Then, he grabbed a top 9 in the third qualifier, earning $1,300.

Decyptos ended up 4th of the third heat, securing his spot in the top 100. He shined particularly in this last part, getting 11 kills in 6 games. He finished at second place with 49 points, confirming his current great shape.

Indeed, Decyptos has obtained great results since he arrived at GamersOrigin: in addition to his top 9 in qualification and his top 2 in the FNCS main event, he won the Aqua & Nyhrox Throwback Cup, proving once again that he is one of the very best European players #GOWIN.