Another great result in 2019

Another great result in 2019

Team SC2

Reynor took part in his last major solo tournament of the season this weekend in Berlin. The Italian Zerg reached the final of the 20th HomeStory Cup, adding one more good result to his 2019 season record.

The group stage was performed in BO2, leading to a lot of ties for Riccardo Romiti. However, he managed to finish in his group top 2 and to enter the winner bracket. Then, he defeated 3 South-Korean players in a row: Cure, Zest and INnoVation.

Reynor faced Serral in the grand final. The two Zergs last met in the Blizzcon semifinal, in which Reynor overcame the Finnish master. Because Serral came from the loser bracket, he had to win a BO5 and a BO3 to claim the title while Reynor just had one BO5 to win to be crowned champion. Unfortunately, Serral was the strongest this time, beating Reynor 3-2 and 2-1.

Reynor has one more major competition to play in this year: the Nation Wars, in which he will face Mexico with the Italian team in quarterfinal #GOWIN.