An incredible run for Gallon at Vegas

An incredible run for Gallon at Vegas

Team Hearthstone

Edward “Gallon” Goodwin ended at the second place of the Las Vegas Masters Tour, among more than 300 contenders. This astonishing achievement demonstrates once again Gallon’s skills. As he told us prior to the event, the American player was pretty confident.

Gallon made a tremendous win streaks in the Swiss rounds, ending at 10-2. Thanks to his records, he qualified for the top 8 and got a spot for the two next Masters Tour, in Seoul and Bucharest.

During the playoffs, he overcame Neira 2 – 1 and beat Hypno 2 – 0 in a fantastic bomb Warrior mirror match. The GamersOrigin player then defeated Posesi in the semi-final and eventually lost to Dog 3-1 in the Grand final.

Trec was the other GamersOrigin member in Vegas and finished on a 3-4 record. He will soon take part in the Occitanie esport alongside Den in Montpellier. GamersOrigin has claimed the title in two recent French LAN – the DreamHack Tours and the Bordeaux Geek Festival – and aims at continuing this streak.

Concerning Gallon, he made another step further to join the Grand Masters division, where the very best Hearthstone professional players face each other each week. Now, he must confirm his potential during the next tournaments #GOWIN.