A perfect group stage in the Underdogs

A perfect group stage in the Underdogs

Team LoL

The Underdogs is an emblematic League of Legends French competition broadcasted on O’gaming. The tournament gathers most of the French teams and since the 2019 edition, line-ups from the Open Tour (in 2019 and 2020) and the Division 2 (in 2020) have been invited too. Thus, it is the perfect occasion for tier 2 and tier 3 teams to battle against LFL players and to accomplish some upsets.

GamersOrigin has competed in every Underdogs edition since 2017: GO finished second once (2019) and grabbed two trophies (summer and spring 2017). GO is logically among the tournament favourites, thanks to its recent LFL title and its top 8 in the European Masters.

GamersOrigin achieved a perfect group stage in the 2020 Underdogs: a 6-0 run against Izidream, TrainHard and Sanctum. The group stage was also the occasion to give Pak his very first matches with the main team while Toucouille was on vacation. The GO Academy player did a good job at the mid lane and was of a great help during the matches he played (the last three ones).

GamersOrigin will compete in the Underdogs playoffs thanks to its first place in the group stage. GO’s first opponent will be Solary, on June, 17th: a perfect occasion to prepare for the LFL return, on July, 28th #GOWIN.