A mid split recap with Hairost

A mid split recap with Hairost

Team LoL

GamersOrigin Academy is currently 3rd in the French league second Division thanks to its great start in the 2021 season. 8 match-days have been already performed: GamersOrigin has 10 more to play before potentially entering playoffs.

GamersOrigin Academy is considered a title-contender for 2021, especially after its successful 2020 season. For now, GOA is qualified for playoffs as it is tied for 3rd with FC Nantes, thanks to its 5-3 record.

JDG, GamersOrigin Academy toplaner

Last week ended up being an 0-2 for the Academy, the first since the season’s beginning. Thus, next week games, against IZI Elyandra and FC Nantes, are crucial for bouncing back. Moreover, these two clubs are direct contestants for GOA since IZI Elyandra is 2nd and FC Nantes 3rd on the current leaderboard.

Teams are quite homogeneous in Division 2, especially among the better ones: every team already suffered a loss and all want to finish in the top 5 to access playoffs and eventually join the LFL, or at least claim the throne.

Division resumed on January, 25th. After the trades period, holidays and the first team building phase, we had two good weeks to work and prepare our first game, which was the season’s inaugural match against FC Nantes.

It’s crucial that both the players and I keep improving, both individually and collectively. Our victories were not perfectly clean but our teamplay granted us several wins despite some mistakes! We have some issues performing what we worked on during scrims in official games. Some players are still not entirely accustomed to the pressure of competition. I have no doubt that our level will be much more representative of our true value in the upcoming weeks.

Losing hurts but I am fortunate to work with players that are not crushed by failure. It’s the opposite: each loss encourages them to go further, whether in solo Q or in team.

Now we must try hard and secure our 2nd place by overcoming IZI Elyandra on Monday and FC Nantes on the return match #GOWIN.

Hairost, GamersOrigin Academy coach