A few hours left before the LFL Summer Split

A few hours left before the LFL Summer Split

Team LoL

The Ligue Française de League of Legends (LFL)’s 2021 summer split will begin on June, 8th. Each of the ten teams involved in the league will play eighteen games during the regular season. Then, the top 5 will enter the playoffs while the bottom 2 (based on both splits records) will face potential relegation in Division 2. Additionally, the teams with the most championship points will battle for the crown during special matches ran after the Summer split.

GamersOrigin will take part in the upcoming split with its new League of Legends roster, composed of experienced players who already shined in several European Regional Leagues. This new team’s first job will be to perform well in the Super Week, which is a set of three games played during the split first week. During the Super Week, GO players will face Karmine Corp, the current French and European champion, LDLC-OL and Gameward.

The LFL’s ranking is likely to remain uncertain until the season’s very last day as during the previous split. Thus, earning points at the beginning of the season will be crucial to reach the playoffs.

After winning the Prime League, I was looking for a new challenge and the LFL’s growth makes me willing to get back into the league. For this split, I mainly expect us to qualify for playoffs and then for the EUM. I feel good within GO, the organisation gives us everything we need to perform and the atmosphere in the team is amazing #GOWIN.

Karim kt, GamersOrigin’s jungler