4 more FNCS editions in 2021

4 more FNCS editions in 2021

Team Fortnite

The Fortnite Champion Series (FNCS), Epic Games’ most famous competition, is back in 2021: all Fortnite players will thus be able to compete against the most famous competitors during the season. The first session will be performed in trio mode and the competition’s rules and format have been revamped. Total cash-prize raised from $17 million to $20 million in total for this year’s four sessions.

The qualification’s format and schedule have been updated too: semi-finals and final will be played on different week-ends and rules concerning cross-platform have been reworked.

FNCS best competitors will be invited to two new majors competitions, one at mid-season and one at the end of the season. These new tournaments are one more reason to perform during the FNCS as they will certainly be decisive events this year. Thus, GamersOrigin’s players are more than excited to try to qualify for these tournaments.

The first FNCS qualifications will be held from February, 11th, to February, 13th and the FNCS – Chapter 2- Season 5’s final is scheduled for March, 11th to March, 14th.

There will be three sessions of qualifications, each granting the top 33 teams a spot in the semi-final. Then, semi-final’s top 33 trios will be invited to the FNCS final, which will crown the best trio of each region.

GamersOrigin’s Fortnite squad, which includes M11Z, Blax, Shaykoz, Graye and Decyptos, is ready to take part in the FNCS new edition. The team’s goal is to qualify as many players as possible in semi-finals, final and finally in the two new events announced by Epic Games. To do so, M11Z and Blax can count on their experience while Decyptos, Graye and Shaykoz are from a new generation of remarkably skilled players. For instance, Decyptos finished 2nd and 9th of the FNCS two previous editions and Graye and Shaykoz regularly perform well in Cash-Cup.

I am very confident, we are very consistent in terms of results and we are ready to win it all with my FNCS trio #GOWIN!